Elektro Hackl GmbH - Ständig Kontakt mit Energie!

Our electronics / technology company, based in Spittal an der Drau, has always strived for perfect handling of your project for over 30 years.

Why choose us?
  • because we can contribute over 30 years of technology and electronics know-how.
  • because a trained & experienced team responds to your wishes
  • because customers appreciate our flexibility!
  • because with us you are at the cutting edge of electronics & technology!

Our range of services includes electrical installations, alarm systems, industrial electronics, photovoltaic systems, plant engineering, fire alarm systems, lighting, video surveillance, network cabling, control cabinet construction and automation. Thanks to our partners, we can offer convenient hardware and software. The Elektro Hackl employees in the office as well as in the field ensure a fast and best possible processing of your request.


What can we do for you?

We can refer to a wide range of services thanks to our diverse projects at home and abroad. In the field of industrial electronics, automation, fire alarm systems and control cabinet construction, we offer you comprehensive advice and efficient solutions.

An overview of our services…
  • Electrical installations (laying of electrical cables and connections)
  • Industrial electronics
  • Control cabinet construction
  • Automation
  • Satellite & antenna systems
  • Alarm and security technology (alarm, fire alarm and video surveillance systems – recording of video signals with long-term recorders)
  • Network technology (EDP networks, structured cabling, network cabinets, computer networks)
  • Intercom systems
  • Light and lighting engineering
  • Lightning protection & earthing systems
  • Fault service
  • Inspection findings
  • Bus systems
  • Photovoltaics / solar systems
  • E-filling stations

    As an experienced and dynamic electrical company, we offer our customers efficient overall electrotechnical solutions. We professionally implement the latest technical possibilities through constant further training and innovative ideas for our customers.

Services for your home

Light and switch planning
Intercom systems
Intelligent living room controls
Smart household technology & home automation
Photovoltaic & solar systems
Lightning protection
and much more.

Services for your business

  • Many years of experience in the field of electrical installation for hotels and commercial enterprises
  • Installation of automation technology and development of a network infrastructure
  • Planning and production of control cabinets according to individual requirements
  • Installation of a security system
  • Development of a cost reduction concept (through efficient lighting design, heating controls, etc.)
  • Planning of intelligent building services(automatic control of blinds, dimming of lights etc.)
  • Individual lighting systems

Cost reduction:

Through efficient lighting design (LED), photovoltaic systems, heating controls.


Your comfort
Light scene control, heating controls (individual rooms), roller shutter and blind control, absence simulation and central functions (e.g. lights can be switched off via a central switch)

Your cost awareness
A high percentage of costs is saved through energy optimisation. Automation, e.g. of roller shutter controls, saves up to 30% on heating/cooling costs.

Your health
Radio technology emits a radio signal that is 90% lower than mobile phone radiation. We cover 99% of all control and regulation possibilities with radio bus systems.

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy


Photovoltaic systems are used to store solar energy and can generate electricity for self-consumption as well as for feed-in tariffs. Which model makes the most sense for you depends on your personal electricity needs. In a joint consultation, we will work with you to develop a photovoltaic concept tailored to your needs.

As a producer and consumer of electricity, you decide independently when and how to use the energy generated and thus save money.

Hydroelectric power stations

Electricity from water

  • A hydroelectric power plant is a power station that converts the kinetic energy of water into mechanical energy or electrical energy. This makes hydropower usable for humans.
  • By means of a dam, water is held back in the reservoir at the highest possible potential level. The energy of the outflowing water is transferred to a water turbine or a water wheel, causing it to rotate. This is transmitted directly or via a gearbox to the shaft of the generator, which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

We have implemented a number of small hydropower plants in the Upper Carinthia area. These include the Brandstätter and Brunner plants in Spittal along the Lieser, the WKW Müller in Lind, as well as the hydroelectric power plant of the Hasslacher company in Spittal. Constant maintenance is part of the service.


The use of biomass to generate electricity or heat is becoming increasingly important, whether it involves burning plant products or wood/wood residues, or generating biogas from organic material and using it to power generators.

A biomass plant is a model of how electricity and heat can be generated in an environmentally friendly way using raw materials from the region. With the help of decentralised plants, it is possible to tap the energy potential of biomass and reduce dependence on fossil energy sources. In this way, tonnes of CO2 are saved every year.

In cooperation with the Hasslacher company in Sachsenburg, a wood chip plant was planned and implemented.

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